[MORE INFO REQUIRED] Re-analyzing all music


Installed the beta… my first attempt at using it and decided I would avoid it as didn’t want to have to collapse every bloody crate each time just to get to the bottom of the list… also tried a few times to sync a crate and it did nothing…now back into prime 1.3 and its suddenly reanalyzing all music :frowning:

EP 1.4.0 Beta test bug report it. Read through the notes follow the report a bug(s) protocol/procedure etc…it’s worthy of yours and everyone else who partakes to report your individual experiences both good and bad because beta test version bugs can be narrowed down/eliminated but it has to be(details)reported in the relevant forum as this is everyone’s chance who partakes now to make this sync management capability a success and we don’t want failure at this critical point in time. Denon can’t just do this on their own because bear in mind everyone is probably to some degree using a 3rd Party Music Collection management or DJ software vendor and Denon need to know the details so they can fix as broad a range of potential issues/conflicts.:blush::+1:


Agree with this! Dont give up, or if you do give a detailed description of what went wrong.

I hope this is going to be one of those, read on the forums no one is able to use it, install it myself and have no issues lol

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Please post unexpected beta behavior in the Engine Prime Defects and Issues section. Be sure to use the provided template and include as much detail as possible.

Doing so will help us identify and resolve issues more efficiently.

Thank you for your help!

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Thanks for the feedback @Slater

Are you referring to inside the Sync Manager window here? Would you prefer to not see the expanded crate/subcrate folders by default in the sync manager window?

I can’t reproduce this issue, do you have a ‘grid’ dot next to the tracks in your library or has this reset to being blank?