[MORE INFO REQUIRED] Mac OS Catalina Engine Prime shuts down

Anyone else having issues with Engine Prime Beta 1.4 shutting down unexpectedly? I tried the Beta on my PC and it worked great. However when I tried it on my Mac/Catalina the Engine software shuts down unexpectedly when I try to drag and drop tracks into the internal Prime4 harddrive. I also tried the sync feature but that didnt work - it just stops responding.

Thanks for your feedback @DJ_tequilaandice, sorry to read about the problems you’ve been experiencing. To investigate these, i’ll need some more info about your computer you’re having trouble with?

What computer are you running MacOS Catalina on where you’re seeing these crashes?

What type of USB device are you exporting your collection to?

If you create a fresh Engine library do you still see these issues?

Hi, I’m using a MacBook Air and running the most current version macOS Catalina Version 10.15.2. The Engine Prime Beta software shutdown when I try to drag and drop music into the Prime 4’s internal harddrive or USB. If I try to run sync (instead of drag and drop) it doesn’t do anything - It stalls and I have to force shutdown the App. I’ve also tried this on my old PC computer which runs windows 10 and it works great - no problems at all.

Thank you for your help.

Would you be able to send me a DM with a copy of your MBAs system report? would like to know a bit more about the computer you’re running Engine Prime on where its crashing / hanging. These issues haven’t popped up in our testing of Catalina (We’ve weighted testing on Catalina for this release as its one of the primary features)

For info on how to generate & save a system report, (refer to ‘Print, save or send a system report’) here: https://support.apple.com/en-nz/guide/system-information/syspr35536/mac

Okay finally figured out why my Mac/Catalina kept shutting down after the Beta update. Under Security & Settings - Privacy - files and folders - there is a check box for Engine Prime Beta that needed to be checked. As soon as I checked it - everything worked! Thanks for your help.

Thanks again Apple :bug: :apple:

I can see that tripping up dozens of people, kicking off loads of posts about “even new Engine Prime won’t run on my Catalina”

I’d imagine that apps can’t tick that box internally. That would defeat the object of security really.

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