[MORE INFO REQUIRED] Engine Prime Beta not showing GUI

  • Beta Build Version:

  • Computer OS & Build: Windows 10 Pro 1903

  • Steps to Reproduce: Double-click on Engine Prime Beta icon

  • Expected Result: Engine Prime GUI should be presented

  • Actual Result: Windows Taskbar shows Engine Prime open but there is no GUI shown. When I click on EP in the Taskbar, a blank window comes from the upper left of my screen down to the Taskbar–sort of like it is being minimized. If I click it again, the reverse happens–like it is being maximized. I only have one monitor so it is definitely not opening on a second monitor.

  • Reproducibility: Every time

  • Other Relevant Configuration Info: This issue is not reproduced on my laptop. Both my laptop and my desktop are using a Nvidia 970 video card.

  • Link to Video Repro: https://1drv.ms/v/s!Ajh7HwKEdCnQj4JKaedzAExClM_D5w?e=3CU2TI

Hey @escottx - Thanks for the report. Looping in my colleague @KDonaldson to take a look into this.

Hey @escottx thanks for your report.

Do you see the same behaviour with beta 2? You can download this for testing here: Engine Prime 1.4.0 PUBLIC BETA 2

Is the graphic driver up to date on your desktop? would be worth checking via nvidia update utility rather than a windows update utility just to ensure the latest driver is installed?

Whats the resolution of your monitor set to? If you change the resolution, does the application open correctly?

Yep, Beta 2 is doing the same thing.

I download my graphics card driver updates directly from nVidia and they are current.

I’m at 1920x1080. Changing the resolution doesn’t fix the problem.