[MORE INFO REQUIRED] Engine Prime Beta Crashes when Refreshing Serato Library

  • Beta Build Version:

  • Computer OS & Build: MacOS, 10.15.2

  • Steps to Reproduce: Refresh Serato Library

  • Expected Result: Complete the Refresh

  • Actual Result: Crash

  • Reproducibility: 3 in 3

  • Other Relevant Configuration Info: Back to 1.3.3

  • Link to Video Repro:

Thanks for your feedback @mufasa

We have a fix coming in the next public beta release for a crash on import that can affect all third party libraries, so hopefully that fixes this crash you’re seeing.

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Just curious, do you guys get the logs when the betas crash?

Yep we do get logs, they come through our crash reporter anonymised. What i can reference is the build and OS info from reports here, and check that against the reports for that particular crash and make an educated guess based on that info and the time / frequency that user has seen the crash vs whats come through the crash reporter.

Okay cool. Thats very handy. Keep up the good work.


Hey @mufasa are you still seeing this crash with Public beta 2?

Would be good to know if this is fixed, you can download the build from the link below;

Not seeing the crash

I’ve done two or three library refreshes