More info on display Prime 4

Hello Denon team,

Nice device and I love it but I don’t need 4 channels and prefer 2 channels and more info about the track playing at that moment on the display. When I change the settings in 2 channel do I get more info on the display because channel 3 and 4 are disabbled?

With love from Holland,

DJ Mercusio

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If you don’t need 4 standalone channels then perhaps the MCX8000 is more suited to your requirements.

No, I don’t think the MCX800 is a good choice for me Kradcliffe because I love the SSD option and the touchscreen but I want less wave info on the display and more info about the track playing at that very moment. I have ordered two SC5000’s and the X1800 just before the introduction of the Prime 4. I’m thinking about sending the set back because a all in one solution like the Prime 4 is cheaper and less kilo’s to transport to the job.

The best option to suit everyone’s needs would be to make the UI skinnable (like VirtualDJ) but I doubt that will ever be considered.

Standalone systems are fixed in their design so you either like what’s on offer or you don’t.

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Thank you Kradcliffe. The Prime 4 is a standalone system but through software updates it must be possible to add such things. In the preferences it’s possible to disable channel 3 and 4 I saw on a tutorial.

That’s probably because the layers need to be disabled to accommodate DVS on those channels.

I don’t know if it will give some screen real estate back.

Maar wie weet. Gewoon afwachten!

I think you do get more info the less channels u use like if you use channel 1 and 4 them u have more info in the center of the screen.

Ch1 and 2 are on the inside.

Ch3 and 4 are on the outside.

LOL ok so then switch my quote if you use 3 and 4 u have more info in the middle…I wouldn’t use that though cause i would use either 3 or 4 as sampler channels.

Haha yes thought that you meant that.

Often requested horizontal waveform could also be an option. Ch1-2 in the middle. Info top and bottom or something like that.

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Yeah…I’m not too picky with waveforms i’m actually use to bot since i have the Rane 72…but I’m thinking of trading this whole 72 and 12 setup for the Prime 4 I’m tired of laptops

Likewise. I’m staying at my two SC’s and one X1800.

Yeah i think im just tired of carrying cases and worrying about a laptop and cables…with a controller like this i only have one thing to worry about.

Hello there,

I have bought Prime 4 and would like to know whether Denon has fixed this issue. I find it really uncomfortable that I cannot see a full filename. The display is only showing a name of the song and I would appreciate to see at least [Artist] and [Title].

Many Thanks, Ivanhoe, Slovakia

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No fix unfortunately. :frowning:


You can long press (touch and hold) on a track in the browser. An info panel pops up with more info. Is that helpful?

Completely agree with you. Just bought my Prime after 10 years of Traktor use ( great software/hardware not so great ) . The info is in the meta data so why not make people choose what they want to see in their display ?? Artis name is the least…

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