Mobile DJ-ing w/ vinyl?

So, I’ve been a mobile DJ for 21 years and used CD’s and currently flash drives stuck into a pair of SC2900’s and they’re great, but just recently I’ve been thinking about getting some decks, a DS1 and control vinyl and doing mobile gigs that way. I’ve never played on any kind of vinyl in any capacity other than one night when I played one 7”.

Does anybody else do this? Is it a stupid idea. In terms of cost, it’s about the same and I already carry lots of very heavy PA so carry a few more bits (compared to a controller) isn’t an issue. It’s the actual playing bit. Is vinyl a bad choice for weddings and corporate?! I’ll be using Serato so won’t be carrying lots of records with me.

I’d welcome opinions

I’ve got decks and love my vinyl collection from the 90’s. Go for it!

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What’s it like with the punters? Do you have any problems with people knocking into the booth or wobbly dance floors?

Timecode vinyls is my preferred choice in my studio. I love turntables as they are so beautiful and stylish, and they are just more fun and cool to use.

Timecode vynil + software + a good midi controller (I use NI Kontrol X1) is good enough to transform your turntables into a modern DJ system, with loops and hot cues. It is not as good, reliable and comfortable as a turntable-free system, like a Serato controller or a Prime system.

But note that turntables weight a lot each (10-12 kg depending on model), they are meant to stay in the club. Additionally, the timecode system requires a lot of setup…

If you are a DJ, you are curious about it, you’ve never try vinyl but you like how it looks and you have the money, I’d say but it, install it in you studio/bedroom and enjoy them. But I don’t think its practical for a mobile/weeding setup.

That said, I understand where you are coming from. People will tell you that timecode is dead and it’s not reliable any more. To me, I’d happily sacrifice the comfort and reliability of new systems just for the coolness of turntables, but weight and setup time might be the factor that would make me decide against it, sadly.

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Nothing is more sexy to a crowd than seeing turntables spinning, and if you played on vinyl in the past, nothing compares to the feel. HOWEVER, It can get costly (Pro Turntables = $500-$1000/each, Needles = $150+/each, Control Vinyl = $30-90/pair). Also, as you may remember, turntables are subject to ‘enviromental’ disruptions (i.e. people dancing too close, subwoofer rumble, etc.)

There are modern alternatives that still give you the look and feel fo vinyl and don’t suffer from the enviromental issues.

The Rane Twelves are digital turntables with a full size platters ($800/each approx). You still get the vinyl feel without the need for tone arms or needles.

One of my setups is turntables using Audio-Technica AT-LP1240 ($450/each) with the MWM Phase DJ wireless DVS ($460/set). I love it and the setup has worked flawless for me. The direct drive motors in the LP1240 are beast (feels like 1200s). As for Phase DJ, some DJs had issues with them on the initial release (so did I) but the latest firmware update took care of it.

Have fun with it whichever route you decide to go!

Thanks for the reply. Nobody has said it’s a stupid idea so that’s good.

Just working out what to spend the cash on - 5kM’s, Technics and control vinyl or more speakers. I don’t need any of it so it’s what do I really want and will get the chance to play with most

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Nothing is stupid if it works the way you prefer it. :wink:

Playing vinyl is, well, unrivaled in feel. However, I still fail to grab the SL’s and use them more. The SC’s are my preference to quickly do a mix. And I don’t even own the M’s.

I cannot give an advice, really. But I think you need to testdrive at least the M and non-M.

I agree with test-driving all options. Only problem is finding somewhere I can test drive a huge (for a mobile DJ) PA system! :wink:

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