Mobile case for Prime 4?

Will any company have a case ready for the Prime 4 ?

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Hi, we’re hoping to have a case solution when the Prime 4 in available. We’ve been working with UDG, Pro X & Odyssey and will keep you posted!


The Odyssey case can you put the screen all the way off? Does the top come all the way off? It looks like it is on rollers?

UDG sells a bag no flightcase at this moment. I want a solid hardcase because despite of the screencover I’m worried, about the vulnerable touchscreen of the Prime 4. Also I want a 100% protection of my gear during showtime. A cover plate on the back to hide the cables and the on/off switch would be nice too.

I have the Magma case for my Prime set. They will be releasing a Prime4 version also:

Udg urbanite xl is very good with reinforced sides and padding all over. The top has a metal plate and riveted handle. Can also put a piece of extra eva foam on the top for the screen edge. But I have this case and it is plenty tough. It’s the lightest and cheapest solution at £82 on Ebay new

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I contacted PSL and provided them this link. They said they reached out to Denon and said this would be a good fit for the Prime 4. If so, that would be awesome because it is exactly the style of case I want for it.

That case is to small for Prime4, check the dimensions. I’ve contacted them and they say won’t plan to make it for Prime4 for now… I bought Swan flight.

Well, but one is not a Carry Light case. It’s a heavy one.

i prefer the heavy sturdy case in which the prime 4 can be directly integrated. so the prime 4 is always transportable and safe. you can also plug in all cables and stow everything cleanly in the rear area where there is extra space for the wiring. the lid of the case can also be used to raise the prime 4. this is handy if you have a booking somewhere where the table is low.