Mixmeister BPM Analyser

drag your wrongly analysed tracks directly out of the EP window into the mixmester window, it will quickly scan and give you the correct BPM.

This program used to be free but its now $3.99


Its a shame Denons own software cant do what this simple little program can but hey thats were we are today, so if you dont own another piece of expensive dj software to check your bpm’s this could be of some use to you and its very very quick.

Not the best demo but you get the idea, you can drop from program to program window directly not shown in clip.

when youve got the correct bpm from mixmeister you have to enter it manually in EP.

How do you know which tracks are wrong, out of like a collection of 40000 ?

so you import say 10 tracks to EP, you identify that 3 are wrong.

drag those 3 directly from the EP window into the Mix meister window and it will provide you with the correct bpm.

this is not a tool for bulk analysis.

I guess mid set :stuck_out_tongue:

Free alternatives - Rekordbox (Library Management version), Serato DJ (Offline Player)

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Serato offline wins for me when analysing files.

Also, interestingly Mixmeister is an InMusic brand too.

Does Mixed in Key not provide you with BPM values?

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Unless Rekordbox has improved then i wouldnt use it again for anything.


Rekordbox even started pulling bpm and beatgrid from a crowd sourced cloud database to “speed up analysis”.

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bpm cloud analysis is subscription based pioneer product, that tells you just how bad rekordbox bpm analysis actually is.

in my 2 years with it i just couldnt bare beat gridding tunes upon every import it was taking for ever and was still never 100%.