Mixing in keys

So I’ve not tried mixing in key yet. Am I right saying if a track is 5A you could also use 4A, 6A and 5B if you wanted to mix in a track in key? But not 6B or 4B?

Of course, I understand a DJ doesn’t need to stick strictly to the key.

Also, any tips for mixing tracks using the eq? Do you use the high/low pass eq filter sometimes instead of the channel eqs?

Thanks kind people. Having a great time since I discovered the magic of djiing.

I suggest you look up “fuzzy keymixing”. You can often forget about the letter and just go by the numbers. Use your ears though, as it’s not guaranteed.

IMO you don’t need to use any eq or filters when mixing. These things are relatively recent additions to mixers, so although some (younger?) DJs may behave like it’s a written law that you have to use them, it’s entirely up to you.

There’s some good information in here about energy changing too - if you just stay in the same number of moving 1 it’ll be quite a boring mix.

Thanks. That’s very helpful. I’ll try to keep an open mind.