Mixer making sounds and Audio Dropout


hmm… grounding problem? if yes, it can be solved by opening the screws of it to reconnect the contacts or so…

so far…


Hmm… if that’s the culprit, it’s a bit of a weird design quirk considering there should be many screws to do that job with some redundancy. If it is persistent and you suspect that is indeed the cause, you might want to try removing some of those screws, bathing them in some 3-in-1 oil from WD 40, and then (with just small amounts of the the oil left on them after they’ve soaked overnight) screwing them back in. 3-in-1, in my experience, can do wonders with getting rid of corrosion, improving conductive contacts, and even cleaning and lubing faders (faders in alcohol bath first is even better). You obviously don’t want the screws dripping with it, though, when you put them back in, as that can make a mess.


Unless this “advice” is listed, word for word, in the official manual, I wouldn’t suggest anyone take even one step toward their x1800 screws. Instead, print out the above post, cross it out with a thick highlighter, scrunch it up and practice your over-your-shoulder-across-the-room-eyes-closed, slam dunk basketball skills into the bin :basketball:


Seems like an unqualified response. Being that I own the X1800 and I’ve repaired DJ mixers before, including the DJM800 and InMusic’s first 24bit digital DJ mixer, the PPD01, if the newest InMusic design, the X1800, can’t handle the externally-accessible chassis screws being removed, cleaned, slightly lubed, and re-inserted, then it has much bigger problems than grounding issues. That being said, at this point there’s no way to be certain what’s causing this problem.


Any word from Denon how to solve this problem? Because this problem comes and goes with my X1800…


Like I had mentioned above, I seem to have solved my issue since the original post by just re flashing the firmware.

That being said I just acquired a backup mixer and will try to send my x1800 in this week. I will certainly post if anything new develops. I love my prime setup and will definitely continue to contribute to forum to help others!


Other than my last post, about getting a replacement under warranty, nothing new has come of this. Never got a response. SC5000M looks cool!


Hi guys, I just got the X1800 last friday and used it this weekend and I get the audio drop-out too. The X1800 soundcard is connected to my PC via USB. When I make a Windows test sound from the audio device menu, the sound is muddy, choppy and eventually cuts off and the test doesn’t complete or sometimes doesn’t play at all. When I do a similar test on the soundcard of my Mackie ProFX Mixer, I don’t have this problem and the test sound is crisp and clear. I have the latest firmware 1.1.1 and I have tried several settings in the utility section, other USB plug and different wires and still having the problem. I wouldn’t want this to happen to me in a live gig. Is it the same hardware issue or something else? I don’t hear humming in the back but the sound becomes distorted before I loose the sound completely. Help


Have you installed the Denon ASIO driver and adjusted usb buffer & latency according to your computers CPU power? Doesn’t seem like it. Anyway…your problem doesn’t seem to be anything similar to the OP.


Have there been any updates to this issue. Mine is making the noise again and it affects the music being played. The music cuts n and out with the clicking. I have sent it in once and it took about 4 weeks or so to get it back plus I had to pay for shipping and it was still under factory warranty. It makes the clicking noise even if just plugged into a random outlet. It had stopped for a while and started making the noise again about 2 weeks ago.


What firmware do you have installed and when was your last update preformed? Also are you using DVS and serato?

I firmly believe my issue was due to my firmware not properly being installed. Once I reinstalled it it has been rock solid.

I was thinking it had something to do with running serato DVS and maybe static electricity. But, I have used DVS a few times since I had the problem and have had no issues.


I have the 1.1 firmware installed and using serato with usb selected. I contacted denon support and they suggested I try a different IEC power cord. I tried that and so far it seems to be okay but the issue was intermittent.


Denon needs to do a recall on all affected X1800’s it seems to be a known issue and nothing is been done about it. It’s grand to say “send it in for repair” but what does one do while it’s in for repair. I work every weekend and need my gear. I just lost a paid gig tonight over the mixer crashing out.


I agree if it was very wide spread. But, I would imagine there are thousands of x-1800 in use and only a small number of units with an issue. I’m not even sure I had an issue with anything other than potential firmware error that was corrected. I sat small number of units because it’s seems to have affected less than a hundred units.

I say that biased of of how many people on this forum have had the problem and posted about it.

I think more people are concerned with the high end roll off. That thread had tons of comments and any post of mixer drop outs gets very few.

Have faith my friend, the Denon team are not trying to pull a fast one. They are pushing the boundaries of the industry and creating more diversity in the marketplace which is no easy task.


Here we go again. My 2 cent: Choose between hi end roll off or mixer drop out ? What will people notice mostly ? (except if you are not DJ’ing in your bedroom that is) Of course a dropping out mixer is way more severe than a hi end roll off using this gear professionally.

Your drop out issues reminds of the screen freezing problems the MCX8000 had. After two years after launch or so, Denon made a service bulletin to handle those cases. A small fraction of users had the issue.


To add to this, yes my unit had a complete analog audio breakdown also, but RMA was quick and fast. No repair, but an immediate replacement. Fortunately I had an older 4 channel mixer, so even that was no problem.

If it is all mission critical, I would have made an arrangement with my (probably well partnered) reseller for a faster temporary solution.


Would have to agree that audio drop out is more of an issue than high end roll off.


Of course, but one is software fixable for everyone with just one update. The other is hardware and is a case by case issue.


Fair point…


wgarri20 It shouldn’t make a difference if it’s 1 or a 1000 units. If a product is showing hardware problems the manufacturer should stand over their workmanship and sort the issue. After spending that kind of money on a “PRO” mixer I’d expect to get at least 4 to 5 years of use from it and not 1 1/2 years. When I bought into the NEW Denon eco system, I thought I was buying quality equipment. (I had the 5500’s & 1700 for years with NO problems they never let me down) In the first week of owning the Prime gear, I had to get one of my SC5000 replaced, after 5 months I had to get the second SC5000 replaced and now the mixer is acting up.

Maybe I just got a Monday Morning batch😂