Mixer making sounds and Audio Dropout

Over the past week my x-1800 has developed an issue where the audio becomes very muddy and cuts in and out rapidly with a physical clicking sound coming from the mixer itself. The clicking from the mixer almost sounds as if it is trying to switch inputs quickly( ie. from phono to line or digital). It has happened with every setup I have played lately, Mixer and two vinyl records, Mixer and two sc5000, and Serato Dvs Mode. The firmware is 1.1.1 and I am hoping that is the culprit because I can’t remember it happening before updating…

Tonight I had finally convinced one of my die-hard to play on the primes and it really dampened the night. I recorded a video to upload where the problem is occurring.

After a night of flustration, I unplugged everything to the mixed except the power and was able to record a video of it making the clicking sound. It was in and out of this clicking mode for the duration I kept it on and with no outside influences or inputs to affect it. Anyone else have this issue?

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Don’t think it’s firmware. If it was firmware then everyone on the same firmware would have same issue probably something close and local to your one mixer.

My mixer had a clicking like that from its protection circuit in one certain venue only and it turned out that their PA system was passing actual VOLTAGE back down the the xlr leads to the mixer and the mixer was protecting itself from the PA system.

Yours is clicking it’s protection circuits evencwoth no PA system plugged in so maybe something has already damaged the mixer.

I was leaning toward thinking it was an issue with power feedback also. But then I plugged it in without any external connections and it was still making the sound…

Hi wgarri20. Whatever caused the issue to start, the unit will need to be returned for a repair/replacement. Please contact your retailer/dealer to arrange this.

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Will do. Thanks guys! :metal:

Please check the power cord for ground connection. In my very similar case it was a internal ground conection problem.Titing the 3 screws in the botom plate center can be the solution. Best regards Philipp

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Perhups by getting the white scin, there don’t conect well one of the 3 ground wires to the botom plate. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vp9cwBKPY0k Best regards Philipp

Just throwing my $.02 in here. This exact same issue just started happening last night, luckily in my garage and not at an event. Denon Support has advised that I send the mixer in and I will have a repaired or replaced model within 2-4 weeks. SMH. Not happy about this. My first major issue with this setup in under 1 year.

@wgarri20 and DJTgro, I started having the same issue this past weekend. Spoke with support and rec’d an RMA to return my unit for repair. Did you guys get your units repaired or replaced yet? Did they find the issue?

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Mine just started doing the same thing today. I also noticed that the Channel level meter was flashing and when the gain is turned up full the level meter gets higher. (Again nothing connected to unit) I also noticed a slight burnt electronic smell coming from the unit. Just over a year old and the problems start. What is the warranty on the X1800??

I believe the factory warranty is 1 year from date of purchase

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I have not sent mine in yet. I still plan on sending it in to be checked out. But, once I reinstalled the firmware it stopped the issue for me. I also have not had the chance to play in the locations where I was having the issue to rule out the possibility of a problem on my end.

As a side note I discovered when mucking around with my turntables that the ground lift on one of my str8-150 decks is backwards. Switching to ground lift mode in fact was turning it off. Could have been a possible cause for the issue.

I don’t have a backup mixer and really don’t want to experience a 2 week or longer no mix period.

Today, my X1800 started the same issue: rattling sound coming out of the back of the mixer, unplugging the networkables makes it far less but still audible. If you play a track from the USB connected at the opposite player, the sound gets worse… The mixer seems to be working fine, as far as I can tell, except for the annoying rattling sound. Apparently it has something to do with the internal network hub, I am running version 1.1.1

Are you guys running sound digital or using the phono? I have seen a similar issue on Pioneer when the djs used the digital input…

hmm… bad SPDIF Cables in use? (only if digital are in use) had this issue with some sort of bad cables in past…

doesn’t matter, I have only the power connected, and then already the rattling already begins.

Ok :frowning: Then I have no idea - hope you get it solved asap.


  1. I’d like to thank Denon for the new X1800 Mixer (replacement). Honorable, the right thing.
  2. Upon renting a mixer while mine was away (Reno), I heard that some of these were essentially recalled due to this issue (the rental fleet was being replaced).
  3. A very good question that went unanswered to support rep Alex De Jesus: I’m curious to know if I can expect this replacement to do the same thing in another year, or if I should have a backup at all times, just in case?

I’d like to know that this one won’t do the same thing - don’t want to drop $2K on a mixer every year!

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Wow. Recalled? Should we be informed about some batch of serial numbers this affects?

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After opening the X1800, (I’m a elektronics technician) and closing it again, the problem solved suddenly, I hope the problem stay away, but i’m not very confident, because I didn’t do anything actually.