Mixed in key and engine prime

I bought the license of mixed in key to analyze the songs and mark hot cue, however I could not export the hot cue to engine prime. Someone who has had the same problem and has solved it?

You can’t export the hot cues into prime.

You can transfer cues from the Serato Pro. But it doesn’t show the cues of some tracks.

Our Mixed in Key may just be obsolete :wink:

it is possible but it takes a couple of steps and using other applications:

  • put the songs into the collection of rekordbox
  • use a MAC only tool: search for “Rekordbox Cue and Key Tool”
  • then import the rekordbox collection into (engine) prime: the SC5000 can convert a Rekorbox database into prime or use an application like DECU (denon coversion utility), maybe by now also rekordbuddy does the conversion from rekordbox to prime.

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