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Hello everyone, I hope everyone is well, safe, and sound. I am very happy to be part of the Denon DJ Forum. A few days ago I bought the complete package of Mixed in key 8, I found it interesting, I deleted my music library in engine prime and I re-analyzed everything again but with MIK8, it did very well (song energy, key, bpm) and the one that interests me the most is cue points and because I have an extensive music library, MIK8 makes my life easier by selecting cue points very quickly. When I want to export the songs analyzed by MIK8 to engine prime it does it well (energy of the song, key, bpm, etc) but it does not recognize the cue points, I have tried everything and by the way in engine prime settings - auto analysis is off but Even so, it does not recognize and it does not appear the cue points in engine prime, now it has become a bit frustrating since I tried to communicate via e-mail with the MIK8 technical team but they have not responded to the e-mails, that is why I would like to receive some advice or procedure by the Denon family of what I have to do to obtain the cue points analyzed by MIK8 in engine prime Hope someone can help me with this inconvenience Regards

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Hello @HealthyPoison Welcome to the forum, As far as I know, the import of Cue points from Mixed in KEY is not supported. Check the forum for the feature request and give it a like to vote on it. If there is nothing then You can go to Engine Prime part of the forum and there will be area for Feature Requests, where You can fill in the template and create Your own request. If it gets a lot of votes it will be considered by the dev team to implement it.

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If you’re on Mac, there might be a way to keep MiK’s hot cues…

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Well, can You extend that subject a bit more?

Oh no, please don’t awake the sleeping giant!

My advice would be to forget about MIK cue points. Automated cue point placement is (to put it mildly) not very good.

Set them yourself in Engine Prime. It’s the only way to be sure.

Also check out Rekordcloud which has recently had Engine Prime compatibility added and does “hundreds” of library and prep related tasks automatically.

The person who wrote Rekordcloud is a forum member and is open to new ideas for that program. Maybe MIK importing might be possible, if it isn’t a feature of Rekordcloud already. So much better than just a conversion tool.

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You could use Serato DJ as a middle man, your MIK cues show up in EP.

We’ll probably never agree on that topic :yum:

That sounds like an easy solution!

Thank you @NoiseRiser and everyone! By the way, I have problems with updating the x1850 mixer, it tells me that the device has not been found and it tells me to plug in the x1850 Prime and click the “scan for the device” but apparently, it does not seem to respond. How do I reset the mixer and start all over again? or…

Is the mixer in update mode?

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I use MIK every time I supplement my database. From MIK I drag the music files all at once into a Serato CRATE and then I open Engine Prime and update the Library. When that is done, I create a directory on my SSD and select the files of the CRATE from Serato and place them in the created directory on the SSD. And after a while all files are put on the SSD with everything (cue points) on it.

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Hi @DJ_Manis I’ll try that. Thanks

You marked a post as solution for another problem.

Are you satisfied with the MiK answers, otherwise the topic will auto-close after 24h if no one replies anymore!

you can also use traktor for data base. (free to use for 30min)

  1. analyse tracks in traktor
  2. analyse same tracks in mik (for 8 cue points)
  3. open traktor and open collection and right click - check consistency
  4. export traktor xml to Engine prime

finally engine prime shows cue points exported from traktor

another note to try is i hear rekordbuddy is now free and that my speed the process up.

as a bonus virtual dj will show the mik cue points with no faffing.

Hi, @Ravinstomper Thank you very much for your message, this forum is amazing, it really is incredible and to finish with this subject I would like to emphasize this issue, it is very frustrating when you buy MIK8 that tells you what it is compatible with any DJ software when it is not. For me, when they say that it works with any software DJ, it means that MIK8 works 100% with any software. What happens with engine prime is not 100% compatible because it does not recognize the cue points so that is false advertising, and honestly it’s super frustrating, if they mentioned in their advertisement the steps to follow to get the cue points in engine prime, I wouldn’t have invested my money and I would have preferred to do it myself. In my case, I bought MIK8 only for the cue points. Since I have a wide library of songs and I thought it would be a good idea to save time, but in the end, it was a mistake. Denon and engine prime technology are an equal top competitor in the market right now, it seems strange to learn that I have to use another DJ’s software as a converting platform to get results in engine prime, it honestly doesn’t make sense, I would love to see a change in this big issue. Thank you all

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If you look at what’s written on the MIK web site, you will see that the MIK results stored to your ID3 tags can be used in “all other DJ software”. The next statement and image shows that cue points are only exported to Traktor and Serato.

That should be obvious in the software too, under settings/export cue points.

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