Missing tracking options


the watching/tracking option choices seem a little off. for example in the profile options under “When I post in a topic, set that topic to” i can only choose between “tracking” and “watching” but i don’t want either. if i check these options on the thread page i see “muted” which sounds fine at first sight. however, the description says that then it won’t show up under “latest” either. :unamused:

bottom line is, i just want the good old “unread posts”. no tracking, watching or whatever else. it’s a bit wry that such a bloatware like discourse doesn’t even have basic, proven features.


Hmmm I’ve never encountered a situation where someone would post in a topic and not want to follow the outcome.

Could you give an example?

Or indeed, just move forward and ask whatever Denon related thing it was that you wanted to add; Unless of course you’re promoting a vested interest in an alternative to the current forum platform.


there’s a bunch of examples for that but it doesn’t matter in this case because since the classic “unread posts” shows all new ones i’ll catch new replies to my topic anyway. that’s the actual point, by having a list of all new ones since the last visit all the tracking and watching and whatnot is superfluous.

and no, i’m not promoting any alternative product.


funny btw that despite all the bling bling there doesn’t seem to be a double post prevention (unless disabled intentionally of course)