MISSING OPTION while Adjusting Beatgrid on SC5000M

Hi Team,

The option “Grid Adjust” on the SC5000M is not complete. on the SC5000M you can:

  • Move the grid to set bars (with knob)
  • Move grid to set exactly on beat (with platter)
  • X2 or /2
  • reset

here is the problem: HOW can you adjust the BPM? I have this track, engine says its 136, but it is actually 138.4 This is not possible on the SC5000M. Or is it?

In the engine software, you can adjust this. AND also set MARKERS. Ideal for very old songs which are not very straight.

Did I miss something or is this option not yet available on the SC5000M.

Please help me… (or update firmware?)

No, not possible - on any of the Prime series. It’s been requested though, so add your vote (heart) to the request and maybe one day (or one year) Denon will give us this feature.

@WallyDelux Vote for it here

THANKS, Just voted…

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