Missing Album Artwork in Engine

I have my music stored on My C drive on my windows computer. I have iTunes linked to reading all my music from my music library. All my album artwork appears on every track in iTunes and in Rokordbox (when exporting from iTunes). When I export/import my music into Engine (Version 1.5) Some artwork is missing even though it appears fine in iTunes. Any suggestions?

Have you done a comparison between artwork of a missing vs non-missing track?

Could be restriction such as artwork size.

Past posts have also noted that EP does have issues with covers from certain providers (e.g. Bandcamp). Could be size, could be type. I don’t think there’s been a response from Denon.

MP3, FLAC or aiff?

AIFF file typ. The tags don’t really display artwork file size that I noticed but will check it out. Should not really matter, Denon really need to check this out and stop avoiding these issues!

Denon do have a history of restrictions like this.

Back when I was using their Music Manager software, if the cover art was above a certain size, MM simply would refuse to import the file. I ended up removing any embedded cover art from new files with tag editing software, before adding them to MM, just to make sure my tracks were accepted.

Now many tracks in my collection are sans covers, and there’s no way of adding it back with EP.

Ok that’s interesting.

I’ve had aiff issues and had to re-encode in iTunes, then bizarrely it works!