Minor bug: Played tracks not resetting between shows (1.0.3)

I’ve uncovered a minor bug - it’s not interfering with performance, just clutters up the display a little at times.

Basically, the “green” already played tracks aren’t always resetting between my shows. This isn’t a consistent issue - but it has now happened to me more than once so I thought I should report it to the dev team (all occurrences have been since updated to 1.0.3). If I notice before starting my show, rebooting the players seems to clear the problem. It isn’t specifically tracks played at my previous show that aren’t resetting either - it was tracks from two shows ago that for some reason were all coming up as played tonight.

Hopefully that description is clear enough. If not, please don’t hesitate to ask me questions. As I said, this doesn’t seem to be having any effect whatsoever on performance, it appears just to be something reading wrong from the database.

As always, thanks to the team for the good work they do!

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