MIDI sync problem/question


I have two problems concerning midi sync that I don’t know how to solve. I have an SC5000 player that sends the bpm info to the X1800 via engineConnect, perfectly. I connect a groove box (or a drum machine) via midi (using the din5 connections), to the X1800, and I can sync the bpm (the groovebox configured in slave mode, to receive the midi clock information from the X1800).

First problem: if the bpm in both devices (SC5000 and groovebox) is synced, after a few seconds the sounds coming from the two devices start to drift… it’s like if there is some kind of delay that accumulates over time… (small delay, a few ms, but after a few seconds it becomes noticeable, and after 1 min the sound becomes terribly bad, out of sync).

Second (and worst) problem: suppose that I have both devices (SC5000 and groovebox) perfectly synced for a while. If I move the pitch slider of the SC5000, to change the bpm slightly (from 121 to 122 bpm, for example), the X1800 catches the new bpm instantly and correctly (via EngineConnect), but the groovebox goes completely out of sync. It’s like the midi clock is not sending the information correctly. I assumed that all the devices should maintain sync (so I shouldn’t touch the jog wheel to correct drifts) even if the pitch fader is moved slightly.

Is this behavior normal? Is it a bug of the X1800? Am I doing something wrong? I would like the groovebox to be in sync with the SC5000’s tempo (using the midi connection coming from the X1800), even if the pitch slider is slightly moved. But it’s completely impossible for me, due to these two reasons exposed above.

Any help would be much appreciated.

Known issue, for me… drift happens indeed.

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It was an old question te begin with, but there are other priorities:

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I don’t understand why it’s not working, since I used other devices synced via midi (for example a Roland dj-808 connected to an Aira System-1) and they worked perfectly, they kept in perfect sync even if I moved the pitch sliders.

Why can’t I achieve a good sync with the Prime system? I buyed the X1800 assuming that I could sync external devices via midi, but that’s not true.

Please Denon correct this!

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