Midi Sync/Midi "START" question


Surely you have to set something up correctly in ableton, you have to tell ableton to use the x1800 as a clock in the audio settings


Definitely had the settings correct. The x1800 is one of literally dozens of boxes I’ve configured to execute this function. It just has a glitch, at least some of the units.


For the record, EthanLeo has some killer Youtube content on our Prime setups! If you haven’t you should definitely check it out!!


yes - all set. I can get my modular to run ableton from ES-8…so understand how to configure ableton.


I appreciate the info, but I purchased the full kit when it was released and dug around inside & out for a few months before selling. I will come back, but I am waiting on confirmation that a few little bugs have been addressed & a feature or two activated. I am fairly certain I fully wrapped my head around the gear and used it in a variety of ways with a bunch of setups. Thanks though!


afaik the mixer only sends midi commands and midi tempo. If you want a start signal you will have to midi map it to say the play button on your Denon deck which you can only do in controller mode. The mixer you can midi map to machine to start from it. Maybe map a start command for mashine from the midi clock button on your mixer.

I’ve been doing something similar with Traktor and my loop station. I’m planing to get a 2ch version whenever denon gets around to it so I can go fully stand alone. Please let it have a midi out like the x1800.


I’ve gone through the posts above but wasn’t able to ascertain if this has been resolved.

I’m in the market to get a 4 channel mixer but I am looking to integrate my external synths and other hardware and make use of the midi clock from the x1800.

I was expecting that if I hit play on a sc5000 that it sends the cooresponding BPM/tempo out through the midi connector to my device.

Any note I play on the device connected to the x1800 via the midi cable and routed into the x1800 for play would be tempo synced and if I adjust the pitch on the sc5000 it would adjust the tempo of the midi signal sent out accordingly.

Is this not the case with the x1800? I am not expecting the external hardware to play when I hit play on the sc5000 so perhaps this may be what people are expecting?


Per one of the reps recently, the MIDI START command feature of the x1800 is still not working.


Thank you for the update! Have to wait till it is sorted out then.


As far as I know, this is correct, however: the bpm/tempo info is sent via midi out when you hit the x1800 “midi clock” button, and NOT when you hit play on the sc5000. Therefore, the external device can be bpm-synced, but you have to Start it manually, or send a Start midi signal somehow. I didn’t manage to send a start signal from the x1800 yet, and I don’t know if it is even possible.


Exactly, if you don’t need this feature and only bpm-sync, then you are good to go


I did follow the mixer direx to get the midi start from the X1800, and it failed every time.


same here, I don’t know how to send a start midi signal from the x1800


I can certainly see the convenience of the midi start being sent but if I was to play a track and had a drum layer on say a MPC or Maschine, I could hit play on the sc5000 and play on my midi controlled device at the same time and in theory the midi clock should keep everything synced?

Are there other mixers that send a midi start and midi stop and not just the midi clock?

Random thought that with all the newfound possibilities with this gear it’s a case of here’s an inch but we want a mile?


Yes, and you can change the pitch slider and the tempo of the external device will change accordingly, in sync.

Yes, for example the Allen&Heath Xone:PX5

In my opinion, the harwdare is great, the limitations come from the software part. My opinion


The issue with the midi SYNC is that many devices need to “hear” the midi START command to engage… so the idea of syncing anything TO the x1800/sc right now isn’t an idea you should count on.

When the sc5000 have use of their WiFi and Bluetooth = ABLETON LINK, then you’ll be able to do it. In the meantime, I sync my Akai Force and mpc X together over WiFi with LINK & them manually beat match the sc5000 layers