MIDI Issues with Djay Pro Mac

Hello everybody,

I use the Denon MC4000 with Djay Pro (Mac version) and I have the following problem:

when the two decks are playing and I try to use both volum/faders at the same time (to mix a song), they total random do a very quick “up-and-down” movement on the screen. Sometimes even on of the decks stops. It is very annoying because the problem comes unexpected and total random. This happens with the native mapping and a costumized mapping.

I have tried to use the Denon MC4000 as a MIDI controller in Mainstage (mapped the Denon faders with two Mainstage channel-faders) and worked well.

I also tried to do some changes in the MIDI preferences from the Djay Pro MC4000 Controller Settings (advanced, change midi channels, etc…)

Any idea or solution? thank you very much.

The MC4000 is, of course, capable of sending midi data out for more than on encoder/control being moved “simultaneously”. Indeed, if you’re seeing MainStage interpreting the movement of two faders correctly, it suggests that everything to do with the Midi leaving the MC4000 is working well.

The MC4000 ships with Serato “in the box”. As a further test, aside from MainStage, have you tried the MC4000 with Serato or any other DJ software trials, apart from Djay ?

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Thank you for your response and sorry for the delayed answer.

Today I have installed a trial version of Serato DJ (full edition) to compare. Not trouble at all. The faders and all the knobs work like a charm in Serato.

Also, from Algoriddim support, I received an answer. They told me they know this issue with Djay pro and Denon MC4000 and the developers are “working on it”. But I don’t know when they release a new update for this and other bugs.

As soon as I get more news I keep you up-to-date.

Thank you

Are your headphone outs working on a MAC? I have none inthe Windows version

Yes. The headphones output works well. In the Mac version there is an option up left on the screen where you can see a headphones icon. Check it out if response with the headphones knob volum movement. Also check the cueing options to see if something happens. And you can go to mapping preferences and see if the volum knob respone to the movement.

Have you tried to used it with an external audio interface? Try to connect and use an external audio interface and connect there the headphones. Then can you compare if is something from the headphones output of the Denon or is a routing output trouble.

Finally, try to writting to algoriddim support if nothing happens.

So My MC4000 works great under Traktor( except for broken mapping on V9.) Serato works great as well. The primary issue in DJAY is the soundcard issue. In order to get the cueing option to show up under master volume in the settings menu, I have to split the output sending half of channel 1&2 to the mains and the other half to the headphones. DJAY can see all four channels but wont let me assign 3&4 to cueing. If I uncheck splitting the output the cueing option goes away. I wasn’t sure if maybe they don’t allow you to access all your channels until you purchase the full up version, but I didn’t want to buy it hoping this issue goes away only to find out it still exists and I cant get my money back. Another biggie is when using the library knob scrolling is very erratic. No matter which way you turn the knob it will scroll quickly to the bottom of your playlist

I don’t use the split option. I choose from the preferences Channel 1&2 to the main output and 3&4 for the cueing (it appears in preferences). You have to click there to choose the channels, because sometinmes ara not there (for example: integrated output, instead 1&2). With the scroll knob I have no troubles. It works good when I move the knob, the list goes flowly.

Yesterday I used it and no trouble at all…So strange. One point: in a session, once a FX button went on! That was while I used another knob…something goes strange with the mapping… I tried another DJ controller (Pioneer) with Djay Pro and nothing wrong happened. Let’s see which update does Algorriddim…

Weird that cueing doesn’t show up in my setting unless I check split cue. Also fx1 bank A’s parameter know does not work

Is there someone on here that is with Denon that can speak to these problems?

I’d download a trial copy of some other DJ software and see if the controls behave as you would expect.

The MC4000 is a midi controller, as such, is just does what the midi mapping and DJ software lets it do. If it’s behaviour is different than expected on on DJ software, but works ok on others, then it’s most likely that the midi mapping needs adjusting on/in the software in question.

It seems that there is a definite issue with the 4000 being used with DJAY Pro in windows. Erratic behavior with volume controls and library knobs as well. The bigger issue in windows is that it is not recognizing the soundcard properly. When I open up my settings it does not give me the ability to designate channel 1 and 2 to the outputs and 3 and 4 to the headphones. They are both viewable in options as choices but the only way to get output to headphones and speakers is to choose split output giving you only sound from the left channel. Thank you for your response Gee, I have a full version of Traktor and full version of Serato and it works well with both. I prefer the layout of DJAY Pro and really want to use it but I can’t get anyone to help.I am not sure who could/should support this issue, DJAY or Denon? It is said to be a supported device. Can someone help?

As your 4000 works fine with other DJ software, is suggeztcthat you report it to DJAYs writers/support

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