Midi Controller in conjunction with mcx8000

Hey guys, hoping I can get some official support on this one. All I am trying to do is use a midi controller in conjunction with the MCX8000 to control some video effects with MixEmergency. MixEmergency supports midi mapping and basically I just want to map another control surface to some effect toggles without it interfering with the MCX midi commands. Can I just reference the ‘Midi command list’ document and assign Note or CC numbers, that do not correspond to any of the numbers listed in the ‘Dec’ columns of this document, to avoid conflicting midi signals?

Thanks for the help!

Hey there - I take it you are using Serato right? Serato only listens to to the MIDI input from the MCX8000 by default. IF MixEmergency can distinguish which device it is getting the MIDI input from; ie: it knows the difference between a note sent from unit A and the same note sent from unit B, then you shouldn’t even have to worry about getting your MIDI signals mixed up. I’m not familiar with the program, but if you configure it only to listen to another the other control surface, you should be just fine.



Can you just answer the question please? No MixEmergency doesn’t distinguish. So now, after a paragraph, my question is still unanswered. Just let me know if using different MIDI CC / Note numbers than those listed in the Dec column is going to solve my issue or if the MCX uses numbers that aren’t listed on the midi command list.