Microphone to Headphone mix

  • What is the feature or ability you would like to have? The ability to send the Microphone to the headphone mix, or that the master headphone mix includes the microphone

  • How will this feature help you and others? I used this function constantly on my previous controller for broadcasting as well as checking my output sounded good when unable to break away from behind the booth

  • Is this feature available in an existing product? If so, what product? It was recently added via firmware to the X1800 mixes

  • Does a workaround currently exist? Not that I can find

  • How often would you use this feature? Everytime I used the Prime 4

  • Is there any additional information you’d like to add?


I would find this helpful too as I produce radio shows


I totally agree and was hoping like the MCX8000 before I switched to the Prime 4 this would be a default feature, for us Radio broadcasters this is a must have basic feature. Thanks Mike


In over thirty years of DJ’ing I have never come across a mixer that didn’t include the microphone output in the headphone monitoring mix. It seems bizarre that someone would decide that it would be a unique feature of the Prime 4 to not have it and I can’t think of any reason why it would have any practical advantage. Surely this is just a (rather huge) oversight and can be rectified relatively easily?


I was under the impression this was a standard feature. Thanks for requesting :+1:t4:

Has this been addressed? I cant see this being a huge deal. I too produce shows and this is useless for me if I cant hear the mic in my headphones.

Tengo el mismo problema, hago un programa de radio y necesito escuchar el microfono por los auriculares, hay alguna solución? Gracias

When is Denon going to add this feature, it’s been months now and still nothing!!! It’s a very basic feature and I know it’s been added to the Prime X1800 and even the MCX8000 has this… Come on Denon please get this sorted.



Just purchased a Prime 4 and absolutely astounded that this has been overlooked and I can’t monitor my microphone output thru my headphones… for lots of us that do internet radio shows it’s unbelievable that this function isn’t available on a high end product built by a company specialising in DJ equipment… this needs to be available in an update very soon or my Prime 4 will be going


It isn’t really.

I doubt that internet radio use is much more to the ratio of Prime 4 user versus real to public venue parties and DJs.

Denon have showed that he does not respond with instant firmware release when even several people make threats and haha ultimatums of “I will be take mine back “.

So you can of course fill out the proper request suggestion form for the niche feature on the forum . Then if your suggestion he get enough vote likes from other forum members then denon might think of to add it to firmware in a few months / years +

To add to this. I wouldn’t want my voice on the internet without a proper mic processing like a Symmetrix.

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Denon should be trying to attract DJs across the whole spectrum,as I’m sure most that play on internet radio also play out at live gigs, so if potential customers are looking at a stand alone unit that satisfies all their requirements then this ‘mic monitoring in the headphones’ omission should be sorted ASAP otherwise Prime 4 could be overlooked

Yes, I think of people here and else where who try to do it all as cheap as possible.

The prime 4 he has many bang for he buck but sometimes taking the pea shooter to a nuclear war won’t do. I consider also that inmusic , who make denon , also make plenty of proper internet radio solution and he not want to eat his own golden egg

Could be. Don’t know the whole portfolio of InMusic.

If someone’s really into podcasting or serious internetradio, they would have an affordable “last stage” device like a RODEcaster Pro with a bit of soundprocessing to even out some levels. Prime4 isn’t build for that; it has a mic input to speak to a crowd.

Now I’m not arguing it should have pre listening function and technically it can if it’s like the X1800, but I stop at reading posts with frases like “ASAP”, “will not buy if”, “will return device if”. That’s just weird.

You make two of us


Alright, I come over a bit strong but after spending a lot of money on a Prime 4 I really didn’t want to be disappointed with any aspect of it, and some things you take for granted it’s unable to do. I’m impressed with it in the most, hopefully with a few updates it will get the improvements I, and others hope for


We have just had a new client shouting at us on the phone because he can’t hear his mike when he’s streaming his radio show.

It would be great if you can add this feature to the prime 4 like you did for the x1800:


I not only record a radio show but am one of the DJs that mix with IEM and it is really annoying having to remove those custom fit suckers everytime I want to get on the mic. A simple option to turn on/off mic monitoring in the settings would be adequate.

First mixer I have used in 17 years that doesn’t have this function. Also it would be amazing to have the FX selectable on the mics as well :heart:


I am incredibly disappointed with Denon. A new update will be released, with basic features such as wifi integration and music streaming. That’s really great. Unfortunately Denon does not seem to be interested in what the DJs who work with the hardware really want. The most important thing for me is finally to hear the mic on the headphones. This was already required here immediately after Prime4 appeared. The worst thing is that this feature already worked on the beta version in Frankfurt at the Music Messe. So since Denon apparently has no interest in implementing or changing small things, I would like the beta version that was used before the official launch. Even if many good things may not work with it, this feature is so extremely important to me that I would take a worse setting in buying.


As a veteran mobile DJ who focuses on mostly weddings, this feature is critical to my performance. Whether it be monitoring speeches during dinner, or the reception, hearing the vocals to the headphones is not a luxury for me but a necessity. As it is an industry standard feature, i would hope that Denon would hear us folks who need this and i am sure could be fixed in an update. To the Denon makers, you make an exceptional product with a lot of great features. Please do not lose sight of of the little things that keep your customers coming back for more.

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