Microphone feedback

I just want a tip so I dont get mic feed back durring singing performances on my mic using the prime 4. Thank you!!

What mic do you have? If cardioid is giving you issues, you could try a supercardioid mic.

Main thing is keep away from the speakers!

The Prime 4 has a gate which might help for when you’re not singing (in the spaces). There are feedback destroyers which might help, but they’re just an automated EQ really, that pull down problem frequencies.

Plenty of info online… :microphone:

The circuitry in the Denon mixers is good so it’s almost certainly the mic or proximity to the speakers.

Its hard to find good mics that don’t feed back but they are at the more expensive end.

What do you use, kradcliffe?

Im using a Wireless mic, Shure PG58. i just want to lower the chances of feed back. no crowd likes feed back especially the performer.

May mate has the same Shure PG58 with the MCX8000 and it’s terrible. He’s always complaining about feedback with it.

I have a wired Sennheiser E945 and also the EW01 handheld system with the Sennheiser E945 capsule. It’s brilliant.

There you go…

  • PG58 = cardioid
  • E945 = supercardioid

Feedback can be helped by type of mic and type of speakers, but position and Angle of speakers compared to the mic will help with almost any mic or speakers.

If your speakers are pointing straight forward, draw an imaginary line between them. If the mic is behind that line (away from the audience) then feedback will be reduced (in most cases) - if the mic is in front of that line, there’s more chance of feedback.

There’s more to it, such as if the speakers are angled partly onwards, if they’re line array, if they’re pointing at a reflective surface (such as glass , ) , but the invisible line idea is a good start point