Microphone effect?

Hello, despite the fact that I have Prime 4 for a month and a half, I can not find anywhere on one topic. Namely, I mean if there are only one echo effect on the microphones and if it can be changed, for example, in delay. My point is to connect mika to the vocalist and do not connect another mixer with effects. The FX, as I can see, only refers to decks. Maybe someone knows something ???prime%20echo !

You only have echo on the mics. Nothing else.

This was the only thing I requested on an updated MCX8000 that didn’t make it to the Prime 4. It would have been nice to have been able to choose from the FX bank to add to the mic but unfortunately it didn’t make it.

Maybe on the MK2 version?

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Don’t lose hope. They could totally add an option to change it to an another effect in settings. Make a request!


Request was made: you can upvote here: https://denondjforum.com/t/add-ability-to-adjust-mic-echo-delay

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