Mic to Zone

  • What is the feature or ability you would like to have?

Mic 1+2 option routing to zone out

  • How will this feature help you and others?

as mobile dj you can send mic1+2 to another room. or you can drive an delay line speaker or another room with same signal as master.

  • Is this feature available in an existing product? If so, what product?

no:( no mic signal on zone out.

  • Does a workaround currently exist?

nope. i only can route mic to booth, no option to root mic to zone

  • How often would you use this feature?

every weekend! :slight_smile:

  • Is there any additional information you’d like to add?

this shouldnt be a huge problem, only a internat digital routing thing…


Zone output is for me one of the main reason to buy this product. During product presentation we were very surprised that, there is no possibility to decide if the mics are sent to zone or, not. Zone out without mics is currently useless for me :frowning: Please add the possibility to select individualy for each mic the routing to MASTER/ZONE/BOOTH. Ideal would be check box for each mic - to have the possibility to check all desired outputs for each mic. Thanks


yes indeed. we have these massive wonderful I/O xlr connectors for feeding bigger pa systems and can’t use zone out to power delay speakers, outfill speakers ore 2nd room with same signal than master. :frowning:

You’ve got 6 votes for this so far.

I think that “Post” options for choosing to send mic to zone, or not, would be good, for those that need it, but could confuse some people.

However, if the option was added on the prime 4 big colour screen, there shouldn’t be as much confusion as “Post” gives on simple midi controllers with no screens, where shift and some other button was what invisibly changed mic routing.

I’m adding my vote.


yes, ZONE out is great idea, but without microphones I do not see the reason to use it :frowning: They should add also DELAY feature to ZONE out.

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I agree :slight_smile: Microphones in ZONE Out -> I would use this function to play the wedding ceremony.

I too would like to see microphones in zone out as a function!!

Having to do a 60 yo birthday party tonight in a location with a bar and dance area separated by a relatively thick wall, the request came to bring an extra set of speakers, for the primary use when speeches are made. Outside of the speeches the volume of the extra speakers should be off or low. Typically a “zone” solution would work here, if only so you have level control over the zone speakers. In this case having a separate playlist running is not an issue (it can mirror the master output). What IS, of course, an issue is not being able to get the mic sound to the zone. Not an option currently (come on Denon, us mobile jocks need this one. Even with a separate playlist playing in the zone, you need to have the option to address the guests in the zone through a mic), so I was already thinking of alternative options using a separate mixer and abusing it’s aux outputs etx.

Then something dawned on me, what if I flip booth and zone. They have the same options:

  1. master level independent volume control
  2. 2-way EQ

Only booth has POST option (send mic to booth - which I need) and zone has separate playlist option (but I don’t need that now).

So, I will be setting up with my booth speaker on the zone outs (never use POST on my monitor anyway) and hook up the extra set of speakers to booth. This way I should be able to get a copy of the master output PLUS mic output with it’s own level control and EQ out to the separate room.

If anybody thinks I shouldn’t do this or that this is a bad idea, let him speak up now or hold his tongue forever!

But seriously, I almost overlooked this option of “abusing” the system, just because the labels say booth and zone, where they are - in essence - both just extra outputs, albeit each with it’s own feature set.

My three cents as usual.

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I’ve been in exactly the same situation several times now and I also solved it by using the booth as separate out for master+mic and using the zone for my own booth monitor (without mic, despite I like the mic on booth).

I would also like to involve @JWiLL in this topic, since the user guide deviates from the behavior of Prime4.

The user guide states:

By default, the master output will play through the zone if a zone playlist is not assigned.

And a little further

By default, the Zone Out will send the same signal as the Master Outputs.

The user guide also states:

Important: The audio signals from the microphones are routed directly to the Master Outputs.

The very first time I was totally surprised that the mic did not come true on zone output when left with master signal. It definitely did not do what it should do according to the user guide.

I personally think this is something that at least should work like the user guide currently describes or should be updated with a setting ‘Send Mic to Zone’ just like booth has.

And in the very worst case the user guide needs to be updated with a clearer description.

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