Mic input through headphones

Can we please enable mic input through headphones?

I use the GO for live streaming and radio and really need to be able to hear what’s coming through the mic in my headphones.

I know other users need this option so can something please be done?

This has already had a request for it on the forum.

You just need to add you vote/like to the request.

The more votes something gets, doesn’t mean it’ll happen, or happen any quicker, but it gives denon a number to work with.

It might be that there is an unchangable hard wired reason why the mic can’t be sent to the headphones… only denon will know

I can’t see the other request for it.

Is it still on the forum?

Using the forum search icon (a magnifier glass) search for “Mic headphones”. I just tried it and the request is still there, with 61 requests.

Yeah, I found it after writing my reply.

Not actually a feature request for the Prime GO though which is why I didn’t see it originally.

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