Mic effects on mcx8000

Would there be any updates for the mic echo at all i think just a reverb instead or ability to change delay time?

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I would doubt the MCX8000 will ever be updated again.

Denon are taking months and maonths to release updates for SC5000 and Engine Prime so I would suspect the MCX8000 would be well at the bottom of the queue now.

Its a shame ive literally only just got mine :frowning:

It’s been out three years now. They did mention future updates after the beta finished but it’s unlikely. Maybe one of the Dev Team can confirm?

Yeah do think a reverb would be better on the mic and maybe squeeze in post xfader effects lol

I still hope that at least one last update will come out now in March with the release of the prime driver 4 since I suppose that engine prime also has to be updated and consequently the firmware of the compatible drivers to be able to assume the new features, the mcx8000 3 years ago exactly that was launched to the market or what is at the end of the support cycle that I understand is 3 years (I hope to be wrong and that at least live for a couple of years more since in my opinion it is a good equipment only that they do not have a firmware to the height), I would like to have some official news on the part of denon but I believe that it will be us to wait until the next month to see what happens regards

They will update firmware only if they frack up something along the way (new version of EP prepared usb stick doesn’t work in mcx8000 for example). You can forget new fx or switching them around, the time for that was MCX8000 was released.

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