Mic 1 when on, cuts out music

When I turn on Microphone 1, the music cuts out! It does not do this on Microphone 2. I cannot use both Microphones at the same time either as Microphone 1 not only cuts out the Music playing from my laptop, it also makes Microphone 2 not work either.

Hi @DJBill - This is a very unique issue. If you could submit your problem to our technical support team, they should be able to resolve this for you. https://denondj.com/support

Hi, I have submitted it. Waiting for a reply. Figured I’d check the forum out to see if it’s happened to others. Thank you

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There seems to be a lot of weird things happening to MC6000 mk 2 units. The ones I have seen to date are all main board failures. Are you under warranty?