MIC 1 not to hear on master cue?

Hi @all!

Played my first session today and i was really surprised that i cant hear myself talking to the mic when the headphone cue is completly to the right? Shouldnt be on the master signal as on any other mixer out there?

TIA and happy weekend C.

Hi @Ciacomix, welcome to the forum.

The function is not available, yet, but could be in the future.

There is a Feature Request section in place that community members can use to opt for enhancements to the hard- and software. Please do a little search for similar topics before posting, it’s a way for us to keep things neat and tidy.

See here and give it a heart to add to the likes:


Enjoy your Prime4! :wink:

Thanks @Reese - i should have done some more research before thats right. Placed my vote over there!

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