Merge or Start New DB?

Hi all. Ive danced around this topic before but never really got a solid answer or anything resolved, so Im going to try again.

Basically, I have a good chunk of my library that I cannot really do anything with other than play tracks in Engine Prime itself. I cant add the tracks to playlists, new crates etc. I can play the actual wavs/mp3s in other players, they are all there in Windows Explorer with no corruptions etc, I just cant use them in the way Engine Prime should let you. The music files are all on the same drive, however this is separate to my OS drive.

I cant be certain and to be honest Im not sure how to tell, but I suspect that this chunk of files that I cannot add to new playlists etc is somehow attached to an old database of some sort. All the newer tracks that I can and have been using fine, I suspect is linked to another database. Again, I cant say this for definite, its just a suspicion.

So, my question is kind of a 2 parter - how can I find it if a track, playlist or crate is assigned to a particular database? Secondly, is it possible to somehow merge those 2 databases together into one so that I can once again move these tracks to new playlists.

If neither of the above are possible or very overly complicated, what are my options regarding making a new database? All my actual music files are backed up and safe, so I know I wont lose them at least. I definitely dont want to lose my playlists and crates though.

Would really appreciate some help on this as its been going on for ages and Id like to get the bottom of it once and for all.



Slight follow up: Just done a quick search and I have 2 p.db and m.db files. Ironically, one was last updated on this day on 2020 and the other was updated today, 15/5/2021, presumably after I created a new playlist earlier on.

I looked back through my playlist and found one with tracks that were added on 4/5/202. The next one I made had tracks added on 18/5/2020, so after the last update date of one of the .db files.

I tried to add a track from the 4/5/2020 playlist to the new one I created earlier, but it wouldnt add. I can still play the track in EP fine though. I then tried to add a track from the playlist from 18/5/2020 to the new playlist I created earlier and it added just fine.

I could do with some advice from more knowledgeable people than me on this matter, but it does seem to me that my playlists (and I guess maybe my crates etc too?) are split over 2 separate databases. I really need to get everything in just the one database though as at the moment I cant really do a great deal with any of my tracks from mid May 2020 and older.

Can you please send me a message with your database files?

Maybe I can add a feature to my tool ENJINN to help with this.

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Absolutely, thank you. Can I just double check which files you need please?

The m.db and p.db files from both libraries

Hi, just checking if you got the files that I sent please?

Yes I did. Apologies for not responding. I’ve been busy working on the gui version of ENJINN.

I’ll try to take a look at them this week.

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Ah, no worries. All good - just wanted to make sure they’d arrived OK.