Measure Marking in Display removed

So the other day while using the MCX8000 with Serato the measure bars that usually display in both the controller display and in Serato disappeared. right before this happened it appeared as though the controller was having a difficult time loading the wave forms on to the display. I am sure that this behavior is somehow my doing because i don’t know what every button does on the controller and it only effect the left side of the controller and left side of Serato. Has any one experienced either on accident or intentionally and out side of shutting down serato and power cycling the controller how did you fix it?

Thanks, R

you probably deleted the beatgrid for your track. simply hold shift and click the beatgrid adjust button when you are hovered over the start of a phrase/measure.

Thank you I was sure that I was the cause of the issue and now I know how it happened and how to fix it and hopefully avoid it it the future. Thanks again.