mcx8000stage linq support


i purchased my mcx8000 pretty early on… i got because of the Denon name , and the STAGELINQ “feature”, I say “feature” because in the early promotions, you hinted at lighting/video integration… I hung in there, and even defended the mcx8000 through all of the early (some still lingering) bugs. I finally purchased the Soundswitch box/software in order to incorporate lighting, I planned to use Ableton link with Resolume to handle video. So, Denon bought Soundswitch, but only offers support for Denon Prime hardware. next, Denon offers support for Resolume, through Stagelinq, but again, only for Prime hardware… I purchased the mcx800 in good faith, FULLY EXPECTING Stagelinq to be made oporational, BEFORE y Denon offered the Prime series… NOW, Denon supports Soundswitch AND Resolume, but ONLY for Prime? What about the mcx800? do you mean to tell me that I have to spend 6 thousand dollars to get a Prime setup in order to use Soundswitch and Resolume with Stagelinq? This is TOTALLY bogus, UNFAIR and SHADY. Bad business, just bad business…


I’ve learnt the hard way when it comes to tech in general.

  1. One can never predict what’s going to be added post launch even if it’s promised.

  2. Always buy based on what it can do at time of purchase.

  3. Even if said features are added there is no guarantee that it will suite your workflow or that you may like the feature or better than whats already available E.g. the stagelinq support may not be any different to using Serato + Soundswitch soundcard.

With regards to your current set up you can make it work as well Serato/Virtual DJ + Soundswitch for your lighting Then use Resolume with Ableton Link. Serato has Ableton Link baked in already, I’m not sure about Virtual DJ though.

I’ve done this before With Serato but I don’t link the way Ableton Link is implemented in Serato as it overrides the BPM. It’s good if you are playing a tempo steady set e.g. playing 130bpm all night or something.

Best way I’ve found is using the Roland DJ 808 hardware which has hardware midi out, I send the tempo out to Resolume via using a midi to USB cable . That way I have full control over my tempo in Serato. I completely ignore Ableton Link. I’m an open format DJ so I need tempo flexibility.


I have to agree with DJsos. I’m with him word-for-word. I too purchased the MCX8000 based upon features that havent’ come to fruition and also bought SoundSwitch. I also took part in the Beta Testing for MCX8000 Firmware upgrades and still no official release several months after completion (total waste of my valuable time and effort). No apologies from Denon on ANY it’s shortcomings, only empty promises that things are coming with never a timeline. VERY SHADY BUSINESS PRACTICES BY DENON DJ and I can no longer endorse them in any way.



I reached out directly to SoundSwitch Customer Support. Their response regarding StagelinQ/SoundSwitch compatibility:

“The MCX8000 works a little differently to the Prime controllers meaning there needs to be more work done to support that particular controller. We cannot provide a time for you at this stage as to when it will be supported but there are plans to support it in the future.”

I appreciate their honesty.

Bottom Line: The MCX8000 is a good Serato DJ Pro controller with convenient onboard displays and THAT IS ALL. Th fake advertising for the unproven StagelinQ and Stand-A-Lone should be removed.