MCX8000 & x-f link light DMX control?

Hello all is there any updates to this or has anyone managed to use it to control lights via DMX?

Kind regards

For lighting, Stagelink is a protocol for sending sync signals (messages) to computers which themselves are running DMX software. Sort of a “Start light program 47 now Please”

Some were under the impression that Stagelink would make the MCX a lighting controller itself - eg: perhaps moving the crossfader would make lighting pan left and right, or sliding a channel fader up and down would make lighting move up and down. That task was and is always the task of pc based DMX software or some only-internally thinking rack mount DMX controller.

The original interface, as seen triggering lighting, video playback etc was thought prohibitively expensive.

A lower cost Stagelink interface Would be more appealing.

Thank you for your reply. I was under the impression you get better sound to light show to control it.

I know the actual faders would have to do with it.

I was just hoping to not have another laptop/iPad to control the lights ideally.

Not very good with all this dmx. Need to look into it better as feel slightly let down with lack off information

It’s relatively simple to build a mini PC (Linux for example) that will work standalone -and put it in a flightcase or in a 19" rack if you use one of those.

No need for a screen when all is set up correctly. Or add a smallish touchscreen or a midi controller if you want more access/manual control.

DO you have a link so I can read up please

Like idiots guide to dmx etc

as everyone telling me to get the ADJ airstream but also means buying a ipad