Mcx8000 won't read my sc5000 USB

I just got a brand new MCX-8000.

It came with firmware 1.5 installed.

When I plug in my SC5000 USB stick.

No files or crates show up.

How come?

Because you didn’t read the manual.

You need to be using the beta firmware to read a Prime database.

The beta is now closed and there has been no movement on it for a couple of months now.

You will either need to format a new USB and use engine 1.5.2 (good luck with that) or wait for the new firmware release, but there is no timescale.

Nope, it just won’t read my Emtec 256 GB Usb.

Now I used a cheap brand 32 and a 64 GB.

Prepped them with prime and they work perfect.

I used a cheap 32 GB Usb.

Prepped it with prime 1.2 and it now works fine.

The weird part is my sc5000 won’t read this cheap Usb.