MCX8000 vs MC7000 with Laptop screens

i got the Control S8 about 2 years ago to get into DJing mostly for noble work, but some performance of my own production was in the back of my mind.

now i realize i need to move to Serato/SoundSwitch to put on the wedding/party mobile events that i want to do.

overtime i see an MCX8000 with Serato setup, the laptop its right there up close. so, i’m wondering if i need the screens. i have been putting my laptop under my S8 with just the screen sticking up right behind the cables (which i’ve modified to be right angle). it looks like the Mixon4 with the iPadPro (except i have a 15" MBP TB). (i really like the screens on the S8. they show both Decks so you can even visually mix A to C or B to D. i didn’t see this on the MCX8k)

so, is it worth the extra couple of $100 bucks to get the screens? i don’t seem myself interested in 2 deck stand alone operation as if i had a crash i’d just play off my iPhone or iPad until reboot— which is only like 30seconds — and i like having 4 decks to have tracks for special dances and introductions ready in C/D to go.

one thing is, i’m totally intrigued by the StageLinq ethernet port. if i could use that for DMX control instead of dropping $500 on SoundSwitch, id’ be pretty excited…unless the StageLinq option was like $1000 (and/or never arrive to market).

so, any thoughts weighing in are appreciated!

Since you have no need for standalone playback and the MCX8000 is already 1.5y on the market with no use for the ethernet port I think your options are clear :wink:

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