MCX8000 USB and BPM issue

Hey their,

bought a MCX8000 a month ago and I regret it already. Why is the BPM counter using Engine 1.5 counting wrong? Why is my Display freezing during djing? Their is only a restart possible. The channel is still workin but display isn’t. :frowning:

Hi @Zombiak I do apologise for the difficulties you’ve been having with your MCX8000. These bug fixes are our highest priority at the moment, and a firmware update will be coming soon.

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I doubt that. Beta has been ongoing since the start of March with no end date in sight. No other company I have ever dealt with releases software as slow as in music.

Is the statement above confirmation that the screen freezing is a software rather than a hardware issue as Denon have been silent on the cause of it and its a major talking point on social media.

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Because Engine1.5 doesn’t have good bpm detection? You can always use Serato and then import the collection into Engine or directly write a id3 bpm value into a mp3 tag.

I am very disappointed. Selling stuff that’s not working well. #uncool! Unlucky that my dealer gave me a 30 day money back guarantee and it’s over now. Beta since March? :joy: ok…thanks for the answer. :face_with_symbols_over_mouth::gun:

What means soon? One Week? One Month? :frowning:

Unfortunately I can not confirm a date, however I’m sure it will be here any day now :slight_smile:

So is the beta finished without the people who tested up to very 008 not getting a chance to test the final release candidate?

Sounds disorganised and haphazard to me. And again a complete lack of information from Denon. Some of us spent quite a lot of time testing the previous releases until it all went quiet…