MCX8000 Tempo Adjust won't stay at % point


I have been having this issue for the life of the machine and it’s kind of annoying. I will adjust the tempo on the stand alone version using the built in engine (flash drive) to .80& up or down and it will go to .81 or .79… then i will set it at 2.40 plus or minus and it will go to 2.41 or 2.39 I didn’t have this problem with cdj900s so i’m just confused? I am tired of having to correct it manually with the vinyl option on the platter. Am i missing something or is this just how it is?

Could be the resolution of the pitch faders. Did you try a different pitch range?

The pitch control on 8000 he very fine, he has many many many tiny increments so you will see many many of those INbetween numbers.

It’s like if you ask of two of you friends what the times on they wrist watches says. Your precise friend he say it’s 17:05 and 44 second , but your casual friend he just say the time has just gone 5

As mufasa say, try change the pitch range to see less little jump between big numbers

Hello, Thanks for your response with this issue. I actually enjoy the in-depth percentage I can adjust the track . The problem is, if I set a tempo at .15 , I will look again 10 seconds later and see it at .16 without me touching it. Surprisingly on some tracks this .01 percentage change throws it off and I have to correct it on the platter during a live blend . The object is to have it beat matched before the blend.

Mufasa, I know exactly what you’re talking about and if you can direct me where to change this setting I will try that. Thanks and best!

Its on Page 8 of the manual

A DJ having to move the platter? That’s terrible! How could they allow such a thing?


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Lol I try to limit the amount of times I have to adjust even though it’s inevitable. Thanks I will try when I get home.