MCX8000: some played tracks not marked as such

  • Product: MCX8000

  • Firmware Version: 2.5

  • Expected Result: playing tracks 1 minute or more, should be marked in blue

  • Actual Result: some played tracks 1 minute or more, stay white (like unplayed)

  • Reproducibility: with some tracks, random problem

Is a serious problem: in several hours sessions, i can’t remember all tracks i have played… Also occurred in firmware earlier versions.


I’ve noticed that this usually happens when you load a song from the crates and then one from the prepare list doesn’t mark thislast and then marking the one that is loaded from the crates directly greetings

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Why do you need to ?

Well he may be working somewhere playing very long sets … or playing music he really doesn’t know.

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Exactly! :wink: It´s a big problem in long sets… :frowning: