MCX8000 Smoked

I have been using my MCX8000 for just over (1) year now, LOVE it and was doing my “Phil Harris” DJ Lessons and went to turn it on tonight and HOLY CRAP, this thing went bazerk and was clipping my speakers and I was checking master volume and input levels and everything I could think of but they were all set exactly were I left them and nothing out of the ordinary then the controller went black and the horrid smell of electrical board burn up came up. HOLY ■■■■… MY Controller is FRIED…■■■ I immediately shut down all power input switches and slowly took everything apart to see if there was anything crossed, punctured or misplaced…I could not see anything out of the ordinary…I then checked all runs going to the speakers and they all looked good…NOW WHAT??? Anybody have any ideas? Checking into my warranty now and if I choose the extended warranty or not…knowing my luck…not

Hi @khduby, welcome to the forum.

As it is clearly a hardware issue, you should still contact DenonDJ Global Support.

Even if out of warranty, they can help to get it fixed.


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