MCX8000 should I give it a try?

I am a long time user of both MC6000 mk1, and HC4500 and I have always chosen DENON for quality. I am being a little worried when reading through the numerous problems associated with the MCX8000 which is the unit I am eventually will use as a replacement of my 6000. Freezing screens, unresponsive buttons, distortion, glitches and so on. I am using VDJ 8.2 and would like to know if the situation has got any better in terms of bug fixes in recent FW updates and for other experience from VDJ use with this nice looking unit (at least).

Some have said that issues that had with everything flowing re: controller and laptop with Serato have been reduced when trying Virtual DJ with the 8000.

Surprising given that between the teo, I’d have said that Serato was the simpler of the two programs.

Accepting the fact that people are more likely to complain on fora when something is NOT working properly than come on board saying how great it is working and there being maybe even more positive than negative sentiments here AND knowing that they didn’t sell a handful but lots, I think it is safe to say that the unit works great for the majority of users. For some reason there are a few that have problems and those are being looked into.

I am in the middle, I experienced problems when somebody else ran the controller harder than I ever would, with his own laptop, but haven’t experienced any standalone or laptop problems myself. I am still in the home testing / practicing mode though. We’ll see, but so far for me so good.

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I would give it a shot. Many are experiencing no issues with this controller and even though I have had issues , when it works well for me it is a great controller and better than my Pioneer sx-2 I had previously. Just make sure you buy from somewhere with a decent return policy and really use it during your return period. It may be a minor point, but the mcx8000 looks amazing when in use. I have received many compliments on how cool my controller looked from my clients. Sound quality is excellent as well.


Couldn’t have said it better myself :smiley:

I really appreciate your responses. Thanks a lot for sharing your thoughts. What I want to achieve is to have a backup system non related to my PC. And also be able to do some gigs completely without PC. Today I run gigs with my lovely MC6000 mk1 and the backup system uses a different PC controlled by HC4500. This is to be immune to problems related to hardware and/or PC stuff and still be able to finalize the gig.

The MCX8000 seems to be a nice all in one unit which eventually could replace my MC6000mk1. I will still, however continue using my backup system in case of any problem and might replace the HC4500 with one of my MC6000mk1 just in case…

It would be good to read somewhere a summary of problems and their corrections. There are thousand ways of having a PC together with a controller act weird and it can be both software issues, configuration problems and so on. You cannot blame the controller for everything.

But as my rig is today, it feels rock solid and very seldom run into problems, I can really trust it. So upgrading my system to a nice looking, flashing, blip and nice unit must not compromise my system stability.

Are you all guys running the MCX8000 together with Serato ? I mean, problems CAN be associated with Serato implementation aswell, even though the unit is built “for serato”. I am using only VDJ and have done for 15 years and will continue that way. Happy easter to all of you!

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As said, the controller seems to run well with VDJ, including the screens.