MCX8000 Right display stuck in Prefs

I am a brand new owner of a MCX8000. When I use the right screen to look at preferences by holding down the view button I get stuck on that screen. I can see who I hit view again that the SELECT knob is manipulating Serato but on the screen is still system preferences and the cursor is not moving to high light new options. The left deck screen works fine.

The only way to get the unit from being stuck on this screen seems to be a power off and on of the system. Not real practical if I ever decide to try to play in public again :wink:

You can probably sort this by forcing a firmware reflash.

I’ll leave it to Denon staff to give you instructions on how to do it.

I had an issue with a stuck setting and it cured the problem for me.

Thanks I’ll wait for them to reply

Hi Peregrinestorm, sorry you’re having this difficulty.

Generally re-flashing the same version of firmware over the top of itself achieves nothing.

For this reason, I’ve added you to the Beta Testing Firmware group for the new ver 2.0 firmware, which has some great new features and allows you to use Engine Prime, rather than older Engine 1.5 for pre-show music management and preparation.

Great thanks! Where do I go about downloading the beta firmware?

You’ve been added to the Beta Test Group in the forum, so you’ll already be able to see the MCX8000 Public Beta Testers section. In that section will be the latest firmware build and details of how to report any unexpected behaviour found in the new firmware.

As will all betatesters, remember to drop the unit back to non-beta firmware before taking the unit out to any gigs/events etc.

This issue reared its head again, this time the screen was stuck in the waveform screen. It did so about 15 minutes into a set. All functions seemed to work normally but I certainly wouldn’t want this to happen playing in public and that’s the goal. The screens are why I bought the MCX instead of another controller. This makes 8 total intentional non stop sessions or so and 2 failures. :confused:

I’m in the beta test now but this also occurred on official firmware.

Looking forward to hearing ideas on this.