MCX8000 regularly crashes during mixing.

Hey, i have the following problem. My MCX8000 regularly crashes during mixing. Both in standalone and with Serato DJ. Firmware update already carried out but that should not solve the problem. During the crash I can continue to use Serato DJ, but the controller is completely fixed. Who knows another solution? Thank you in advance.

What exactly happens … what is on the screens, do any of the buttons respond?

Is it a different outcome on Serato and Standalone?

Try going in to “vegas” mode and see if it freezes during that.

The entire controller crashes. I can’t do anything anymore. The buttons no longer work. I have to turn off the controller. After I turn the controller back on it works again for half an hour.

Serato issue could be as simple as usb port power saving so better stick to troubleshooting standalone. What happens in standalone? Just screen freeze?

Hi, yes the screens and buttons freeze. Also in standalone use.

Standalone: screen freeze but can you stop the track that is playing?

Is it happening often so you can take a video of it?


try lowering the screen brightness, if it works fine it’s a known hardware issue that i think denon fixes for free


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