MCX8000 Recording the Set when in engine prime mode


Apologies I’ve only seen half answers to this.

When I link my technics 1210s into the Denon MCX8000 I can record the vinyl all okay in audacity but when I’m in engine mode on the controller audacity just does not see the output. Is this because its not obviously on any lineout?

How do I play in engine mode on my MCX8000 and record my set. I refuse to believe that this is not possible or straight forward.


Audacity cannot access the usb 9/10 channel that carries the master signal back into the computer. Use Rekordbox in export mode, it can record and can access that usb channel (Traktor can also but RB is free).


Hi @EmAitch, thank you for your question.

Any multi-track recording software that can use more than a stereo pair of inputs will work, including Ableton Live, Cubase, etc… It’s the 9/10 inputs which need to be accessed.

Thanks J