MCX8000 - Random Distorted Audio, Random Ground Noise, Audio Randomly changing levels

We have a MCX8000 that’s worked about 15-20 shows. About 1/2 way though our Friday night gig, we noticed the audio level would randomly drop down by about -10dB for 2-4 seconds, then return to the normal level. This continued throughout the 2nd half of this show.

On Saturday’s gig at a different venue, using a completely different PA, everything was fine for about 2-3 hours, then once we got the levels up loud, we noticed the audio would randomly distort, then the audio levels started dropping down by -10dB again, then at one point we got what sounded like a full volume ground loop. These symptoms appeared to be changing when heavy bass was in a track. We found that tapping the console towards the rear, above the XLR outs would cure the issue, only to return once the bass hit really hard again.

We checked all of the levels in Serato and the outboard gear to make sure we were not clipping. All levels were peaking below 0dB on all gear.

Very challenging gig to get through at the end.

This board is just about a year old and has been handled gently throughout is service life. To me it seems like a loose connection inside the unit that is getting rattled with loud bass.

Anyone else ever have a similar issue?

I’ve heard about varying audio levels with Serato software so before you get the controller (it’s not a “board”) serviced make sure it also does the same with standalone performance from usb sticks.

I have been experiencing the same problem after about 3 hours use, random drop outs of audio which gets more frequent as the night goes on. I’m using Virtual DJ 8.2 with windows 10 always with latest updates. This has been happening for over a year now and has resulted in me going back to my mc6000mk2 for rock solid reliability

Laptops are

16gb ram and 8gb i7 with windows 10 same problem with both laptops Always used in flight mode so no internet or updates happening

Any ideas would be welcome

Try increasing the latency in the Asio driver control panel. Also check you have the correct ASIO drivers installed and correct sound config in VDJ.

I use the MCX8000 on Windows 8.1 with VDJ and never experience any dropouts at all. It could be another driver conflicting somewhere possibly. You shouldn’t have any problems given the spec of your machine however latency problems can be hard to track down.

Another thing to try is run things until you get the dropouts. go to VDJ sound config, don’t change anything just hit “apply”. There will be a momentary glitch but this resets the drivers. If hitting apply clears the problem then it is definitely a latency issue with the drivers running out of buffer.

Many thanks for your help, I will give it a go and report back. I will have to try it live at a gig as it never does it at home. Thanks again