MCX8000 not working in latest Windows Fall Creators Update 1709?

I just updated one of my studio laptops to Windows Fall Creators Update 1709 along with the Denon MCX8000 v1.0.5 driver and the Denon tool now says that the controller is not connected, however I can guarantee that it is, and even the Windows Device Manager shows it’s connected without an issue.

Has anyone else seen a similar issue?

Thanks! Drew

Has the Windows update re-enabled the webcam on the laptop? If so, try disabling/un-installing the webcam completely. Webcams and MIDI often share conflicting resources on computers.

I never have disabled it manually, however I’ll give it a try. (Can’t hurt!) - I’ll reply back as soon as I have time to test. (This weekend sometime.)

Just a personal thing but Windows 10 is far too volatile. Microsoft updates can cause all sorts of problems. For that reason I have updates permanently disabled on my Win 10 machine.

I would hate windows to update itself then get to a gig and find something doesn’t work!

I had this problem when my windows 10 update to 1709. The only thing you can do it do a complete recovery reset . Try this with not saving any files as this will make everything work correctly. You will have to reinstall all your programs again and do all the optimization again but its works.

I had gotten this working-

  • Uninstalled the driver
  • Deleted the folder and files that the uninstaller left behind
  • Ran CCleaner and deleted the orphaned registry keys
  • Rebooted
  • Re-installed and rebooted
  • Works 100%

I don’t use Windows 10 for anything audio production, however I do a ton of Virtual DJ/Serato software testing, and need to do it on both Windows and Mac.