MCX8000 not recognizing hard drive

I have the Samsung SSD 860 1tb INTERNAL drive formatted as exFAT that I recently loaded with my music files.

The unit does not recognize the files when its reading from the internal drive. no errors or nothing. If I switch to laptop mode the laptop can see and play the files on the internal drive with no issues.

I have reformatted 2x to exFAT and same issue.

It’s only guesses but I don’t think any of the usb sockets in the mcx8000 are usb3, only Usb2.

Despite claims of usb3 being backward compatible, it’s rarely the case.


If what you want is to play your tracks in autonomous mode from the usb ports that are on the top of the equipment, these only recognize drives formatted in fat 32 and a maximum of 2tb (see manual for details) the usb port gives the back It works as a hub so you should see any disk but according to the manual this only has 5000 ma (1 USB hub port (to computer, 5 V, 500 mA) so disks that do not have independent power and require a lot of power will not work and this usually happens with some usb3, you could use an external hub that comes with independent power if the problem is that you have very few usb ports and you need another one to connect the external disk


Its the internal drive not external

What’s up @DJ_Rainmann,

ExFAT is your issue. In standalone mode, the MCX can not read ExFat. I’m assuming that you are referring to an external drive. In order to use your drive in standalone mode (directly plugged into one of the MCX’s top USB ports) the drive will need to be reformatted for MS-DOS(FAT32).

Just saw this after posting my first reply. Are you trying to play in standalone or with a software (Serato, Virtual DJ)?

Standalone… the music does not come up in standalone mode. My apologies, I am learning the verbiage of the player :wink:

When playing in STANDALONE, the MCX won’t be able to use your computer as a source for music. It will only read drives connected to the two USB slots on top of the unit. Also these drives will need to be formatted for MS-DOS/FAT32.

Drive formatting is not an issue if you use the MCX as a CONTROLLER with Serato or VDJ. The MCX is enabled for Serato DJ Pro (no additional licenses, etc. required).

I hope this helps. Good luck!

The MCX8000 is only FAT32, you can’t use exFAT.

In standalone mode I mean, if you are using the labtop mode and connect your harddrive via the hub it’s OK but that is for your computer(Serato, VDJ software).

any suggestions on the formatting specs? Reformat in Fat32 but what attributes?

Fat32 MBR

That should work

But there is a problem with FAT32. It can only handle files that are not bigger than 4GB and with big collections the Engine Library can be bigger than that. A 1TB-HD is a lot of music and if you fill it up the Library file will exceed that.

Why would anyone use a 1tb library with the MCX8000? It’s standalone capabilities are not meant for that use.

In any case the structure of the database on the MCX8000 is very different and I can’t recall anyone running into issues due to FAT32 limitations.

FYI: I have an MS-DOS(FAT32) formatted 1GB SSD drive with +600GB of music. The MCX was able to read it.

So if someone is using Engine Prime (with the MCX8000 compatible box ticked) and exports to media for use in the MCX8000, the database on that media is different to a Prime database?

What happens if that media is then inserted into a Prime device? Is the database understood?

You’re able to use an MCX compatible drive on any Prime device. It’s just that the MCX is limited on what type of media it can play/read and the export process adds some pre-Engine Prime factors that the MCX still needs as it’s not really a ‘Prime’ player. I’ve used my MCX USB on a 6000 and Prime 4 with no problem.

FYI: If you have MCX compatibility checked in Engine Prime, you’ll get a warning message if your drive is not formatted in MS-DOS(FAT32).

Yes, MCX8000 export is completely different to what you would get on a standard EP export.

Denon tried getting the 8000 to read the new prime format for 2.0 firmware but searching/scrolling etc was too slow, so instead they made an export mode for the PC software.

I’m not sure about Engine Prime hardware being able to read MCX8000 exported libraries. Even if it is able to read it, changes made on Prime hardware will not be reflected back to the MCX8000 as the databases are incompatible.

It works. Just my tested my MCX USB again on the Prime 4 to be sure.

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Yep, my bad. I edited the post. I believe it is changes made are not reflected on the other hardware - eg if you changed a hotcue or loop on the SC6000 it probably won’t be reflected on the MCX8000.

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