MCX8000 no connecting to MacBook Pro 2021 with M1

Hello all. I just unboxed my new Mac book pro 2021 with M1 ship, short long history it won’t connect with Serato/MacBook machine, Serato keep showing at the bottom a orange bar asking to wait but nothing happen. Controller still not connected. Any help please?

What’s up @JCflow,

Check the Serato website. I see that they show the MCX tested as supported for Montery and M1. There might be another step that you’ll have to do. Not sure if the article below is relevant to your issue.

Thank you @Mixlive I just follow your link from Serato and all done but still not connecting to the controller, it looks like the Denon update issue to Mac OS Monterey not sure, if you can find anything could you please let me know? Thank you JCFlow

It sounds like Denon doesn’t want to know about the mc6000mk2. All the best. I have one myself. Cheers.

Serato says, version 2.5 can go to mc6000mk2 (OS Monterey) go to Serato site.