MCX8000 .m4a files and engine prime



I’m writing you guys because I have a problem with my mcx8000 firmware 2.1 and my engine prime 1.2.2. My music files have extension .m4a and are encoded by using aac. Engine prime tells me that they are not compatible with my mcx8000. However, if I copy them directly in a pen drive and plug it to my mcx8000 it recognizes it so it works perfectly. That’s why I don’t understand why engine prime keeps telling me they are not compatible. I understand .m4a is a container and acc a codec which, according to the manual, it’s the one supported. Nonetheless, if .m4a contains a file encoded by aac, I don’t understand why it is a problem. So my question is: is there a way that engine allows to process them to the mcx8000? I don’t want to have to convert the files not to lose the cue points made with serato. In case there is no way to do that right now, is there an update that allows that coming soon? My point is I don’t understand why it doesn"t work with engine prime but it does from a pen drive.

I’d really appreciate any help. Thanks!


Change the file extension to .mp3?


Hi, For my part I have 90% audio file format AAC m4a and I have no problem reading with the Denon MCX8000! Are you sure they are not flac files?


I recommend you patience. We expect these errors to be corrected. There’s no way to fix it right now.


yes, they are .m4a files