MCX8000 has been discontinued?

In these weeks the MCX8000 is not available in the various online stores, even in the official Denon DJ dealers. Some of them have told me that the MCX8000 has gone out of production and that I should switch to Prime 4. Now, since you all know that MCX8000 is not comparable to Prime 4, both in terms of price and technical characteristics, I would like to know from Denon DJ if all this is true or not. Why is the MCX8000 not available for sale? Thanks.

First place I checked was Thomann. Says they will have them back in stock 4 to 5 weeks.

Not surprised there are supply issues just now as air freight has largely been shut down, especially from the Far East.

I agree with you about the Prime 4 though, the price is far too high and it doesn’t allow mode switching either.

Yes, I have seen this site: it is the only one that indicates 4-5 weeks. The other sites give it unavailable and in others do not even have it among the products on sale.

Personally I think there is a bigger desire amongst users to get the Prime 4, than the MCX8000 and maybe because of this, some dealers choose not to bring it in anymore, because their customers are more likely to buy the Prime 4.

I have had the MCX8000 and upgraded to the SC5000/X1800 setup - Best thing I ever did. and knowing the difference in functions coming from MCX8000 to a Prime product, its the price difference worth.

kradcliffe is correct - you can´t switch mode during a gig on the Prime 4 - but lets be honest about this part… how often do we actually switch between laptop and usb on a gig? When I had the MCX8000 I never used this feature.

I either stayed on the laptop or stayed on the usb. Mostly laptop. (And if I needed to access something on a usb, I insertet the usb to the laptop)

And on the Prime 4, its like having a laptop right in front of you.

Just a thought :slight_smile:


@Engell Surely Prime 4 is superior to MCX8000, but it is also superior in price. In any case, in this post I just wanted to have confirmation from DENON DJ if what I was told is true or not. Is the MCX8000 still in production or not?

Ofcourse… Didnt intend to take focus away from your question :slight_smile:

What’s up @DjAj,

I can confidently say that it’s not true. Denon is currenty beta testing a firmware upgrade or the MCX. It’s still available and ready for immediate shipping from mutliple retailers here in the U.S.

It’s still available in stores in Canada as well I just checked. Does everybody know that they put out a driver for Catalina?

Hi All,

We have just released a mac driver for the MCX8000 that adds official Catalina support.

Please note that the driver is signed by ‘Akai Professional’ (one of our sister brands). We decided to release this with the ‘Akai Professional’ signing as it would have taken months to receive official signing on a driver with ‘Denon DJ’ or ‘inMusic Brands’ and we wanted to get this out to our users sooner than later.

You can find the Mac Driver here:


Hi @DjAj, @Mixlive is correct. A few major retailers in the states still have them ready to ship right now. And still at retail price.

I did like the pad modes better on the MCX8000. But I do agree the MCX8000 pales in comparison to the SC5000/X1800 setup.

Depends on your usage case I suppose.

From a mobile DJ perspective the MCX is pretty much perfect. I’m a video DJ so it runs 100% with VDJ but has standalone backup permanently there at the flick of a switch.

Can also be used purely on it’s own for smaller gigs but of course the standalone side does have it’s limitations compare to a full Prime setup.

In Italy it is not so. Let’s see if anything changes in the coming weeks.