MCX8000 FW 2.0 not recording history correctly

I have been testing the new firmware over the past few weeks and have noticed that it is not adding every track to history in Engine.

I generally use engine for the last two or three tracks at the end of the night, and I have noticed it does not keep a note of all the tracks that are played. Sometimes it will record them all and sometimes none at all.

All tracks are played from start to end and the memory stick is being ejected prior to the unit being switched off. The stick has been prepared using engine Prime then exported to MCX compatibility.

Can someone from the software team please test this and if a bug is found advise a time scale for it being fixed.

Thank you.

The export button which turns the engine prime library into an MCX8000 compatible library does just that - an export. Because of this one way operation, history lists that are generated on the MCX8000 are viewable on the 8000 but not when plugging the stick back into Engine Prime.

This is unfortunately a limitation of the current system.

What isn’t clear is why you are getting some but not all of the tracks - do you mean that the tracks are not showing up when viewed in the MCX8000 history?

Hi there,

Yes, I’m aware the export for the MCX8000 is one way only.

The issue is purely looking at history on the MCX8000 itself and some of the played tracks aren’t being recorded.

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